A Quick Look At NHS App

A Quick Look At The UK’s New National Health Service (NHS) App

UK’s Natural Health Service has taken another step towards the benefit of patients. This year, they have launched a dedicated NHS app across England. The app is aimed at making it convenient for patients to seek medical help using NHS services. This app comes in a simple and easy to use interface so as to make it feasible for everyone. NHS has also taken care of the diversity of its customers as it makes its app compatible with both the smartphones as well as tablets.

The app can be easily downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. While you can download this app with a VPN, but if your ISP block VPN, you can try some other VPN service to change your location access this app. In this way, you can get medical help regardless of where you are.

Launch Of The App

NHS first announced the launch of its app in 2018. According to Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, it’s a big step for NHS.

“This is just the beginning of the process… It is a big step in making the NHS resemble the rest of the modern world around us.”

The app initially piloted in five different states; Liverpool, Hastings, Bristol, Staffordshire, and South Worcestershire. It was allegedly tested by over 3000 patients from 34 GP practices in the period from October 2018 to December 2018. During this testing phase, the NHS gathered feedback for improving the app prior to its nationwide rollout.

After the success of the pilot, the NHS rolled-out the app across the nation on December 31, 2018.

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Features of NHS App

Using the NHS app, people can know about their diseases by checking the symptoms against the ‘health A-Z’ provided. They can also use NHS 111 online to know how to tackle situations where you need urgent help. Moreover, they can communicate with their physicians (GPs) if the GPs register themselves on the app.

In addition, the app also facilitates in the following.

  • Book appointments with their GP
  • View the GP medical information
  • Order recurrent prescriptions
  • Controlling access by NHS to their details for research and planning purposes
  • Register themselves as a potential organ donor

The users of NHS app can experience the features of the app at the fullest when connected to their GP practice. The process of connecting GP practices is in progress, and will supposedly complete by July 1, 2019.

System Requirements

  • For Android devices: Android version 5.0 and later. Compatible with Android smartphones and Tablets
  • For iOS: iOS version 9.0 and above. Compatible with iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch

While the NHS app has been rolled out, NHS pledges to keep taking feedback for app improvements. Besides, they will also add more features to the app in the future.